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Exodus of Wolfbane Print Module (5e)

SKU: GHM22002
  • A Level 1st to 3rd-Level 5e Adventure by Thad Donovan


    Yesterday the village of Wolfbane was razed to the ground by a jealous king determined to find Shadowforde, the mysterious spellcaster who has aided the citizens for generations. 


    Today you and a few dozen survivors are on the run, desperately trying to protect Shadowforde and reach his mythical homeland, Stonewater, your only hope of a safe haven. You are running to a place you’ve never seen, somewhere past the mountains you’ve never crossed.


    The journey will take weeks, and the way is full of danger. Shadowforde is weak and ill. The king’s men are hunting you. 


    And you are searching for a legend. 

    Expect at least five sessions of adventuring in this epic 86-page module. 

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