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Digital Assets

The digital downloads below are free assets for Gaming Honors modules.
They may not be reused or resold.

Chaos Before the Mast

Chaos Before the Mast Crew Points Sheet.jpg

The Exodus of Wolfbane


The Exodus of Wolfbane battle maps, handouts, and tokens are available as free digital downloads. Click below for the entire collection. The battle maps were created using Dungeondraft and Inkarnate with assets from 2-Minute Tabletop. All maps are 35x20 or 70x40 and come with and without a grid.

Bashire Entrance (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Bashire's Front Gate

Bashire Slums (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Bashire Slums

Bennets Farmstead (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Bennetts Farmstead

Delusion Battle (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Barren Sea

Green Devils Waylay (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Green Devils Waylay

Koji Nest (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Koji Nest

Mirtle's Hut (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Mirtle's Hut

Scavenger Hills Rat Cave (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Scavenger Hills Cave

Screecher (Gridless 35x20_128).jpg

Screecher Habitat

Exodus Tokens.png
Stanlish Intimidation Note—_This one impressed me.jpg

Diapers & Daycare

Parent Player Character Sheet.png

All Chimeras Great and Small

All Chimeras VTT Tokens Set.png
Front Room Battlemap.png
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