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Voyage to the Purple Planet

The light from a dying sun beats down pitilessly, sapping your strength and will. Harsh winds howl across a desolate plain; a wall of jagged peaks dominates your view of the horizon. After hours of travel, you thrill at the sight of a lush forest, and yet…as you approach, you see these are no trees, but mushrooms, a kaleidoscope of fungal shapes and colors like nothing you’ve ever dreamed. And then you hear a terrifying roar!

Welcome to the Purple Planet!

When Joseph Goodman invited Gaming Honors to take part in the new multi-publisher campaign launching alongside the new deluxe treatment of Harley Stroh’s unforgettable–and unforgiving–setting, I was thrilled.

And nervous. 

My previous adventures all took place in lands of my own design, featuring people and places that could easily be worked into all kinds of existing campaigns. The Purple Planet is something else altogether. The world has its own flora and fauna, every living thing unique and deadly in its own way. The inhabitants who have managed to survive the planet’s descent into barbarism have done so through a mixture of magic, technology, and mysticism, grim echoes of cultures lost long ago. Relics of these ancient societies litter the landscape.

Quite a stage to tell a story on!

Fortunately for me, I found a hook in my first reading of Harley’s original adventure. Two houses rule over the ever-warring clans of Kith–a barbaric species produced by centuries of experimentation, cruelty, and mutation: House Cotcsyt and House Reagen’Tor, eternal enemies.

Hmm…two noble houses in endless conflict…where have I heard that before?

Thanks to high school English class and Romeo and Juliet, O’ Happy Dagger! was born. Now to entangle the heroes into the web. But how?

Well, that’s a story for another time. Check out O’ Happy Dagger! on Backerkit to learn more!

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