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An Epic 0-2nd-Level DCC RPG Module 

Yesterday the village of Wolfbane was razed to the ground by a jealous king determined to find Shadowforde, the mysterious spellcaster who has aided the citizens for generations. 


Today you and a few dozen survivors are on the run, desperately trying to protect Shadowforde and reach his mythical homeland, Stonewater, your only hope of a safe haven. You are running to a place you’ve never seen, somewhere past the mountains you’ve never crossed.

This product is compatible with the
Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing game.



We are artists, entrepreneurs, and academics. Most of all, we’re gamers. We founded Gaming Honors to support great games.
To bring exciting stories to life. 
To bring laughs to the table.
To remember the good times.

Andrea is a fundraiser, entrepreneur, eminently patient spouse, and canny businesswoman. Baker of the Cookies. She also plays a mean cleric when called upon.

Lawful Good,
but with attitude

Martin is a writer, professor, and go-to DM for his kids. He's published twice in Knights of the Dinner Table as Role-Playing Dad.

Lawful Good, because the kids are always watching.


Lance is an artist, CEO of his own company, guitarist, and avid mini painter. He once drove two hours after a five-hour flight to make our game. Wimp.

Chaotic Good,
but don't test him.


Thad is a film-maker, CEO of his own company, writer, and graphic designer. He once played a pacifist monk, forcing the party to run away from him in combat. Sheesh.

Neutral, because you never know.


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