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New Seafaring Adventure!

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Somewhere in the middle of the ocean lies a wizard’s prized possession, and he’s offered you a handsome reward for retrieving it. All you need do is set sail on the Intrepid Eel! On your journey, you will work and play alongside the crew, brave fierce squalls, battle the cursed ship Albatross...and face the monster of the sea, the Dread Grampus!

Chaos Before the Mast is a Dungeon Crawl Classics-compatible nautical adventure for 4–6 2nd-level characters. Prepare to sing sea shanties, swab the decks, and battle the creatures of the deep!

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In this original 1st-3rd level adventure, survivors of a brutal massacre must endure the long trek to a mythical refuge called Stonewater. Guided only by an ancient map, and aided by the mysterious powers of an injured spellcaster, your adventurers will confront mountains, monsters, and marauders on their dangerous exodus. Along the way, the heroes might just uncover centuries-old secrets and right ancient wrongs...

...if they can survive. 

The Exodus of Wolfbane began as a 0 to 2nd-level Dungeon Crawl Classics-compatible campaign. Thanks to the support of generous backers, we successfully Kickstarted it in 2019. Continued interest in the module and our desire to expand and update it for the world’s first fantasy role-playing game inspired us to offer this new, reimagined edition specifically for 5e!

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