A 0 or 1st-Level MCC Adventure by Martin Buinicki

The Bane of the Ancients is a 0- or 1st-level Mutant Crawl Classics-compatible adventure inspired by zombie horror…and the horrors of office life!


When an infectious horde starts ravaging the land, a bold

party of adventurers agrees to travel deep into the Slouismo Fen,

where legend has it an ancient temple in the center of a dead lake

holds a powerful relic known only as the “Bane of the Ancients.”


Players will face horrible monsters and discover wondrous relics of the Ancients, like the small humanoid figurine with an oversized head that bobbles on its neck. They may dare to drink from the ancient water shrine sitting upon a three-foot-tall pedestal, where the Ancients gathered to swap stories with one another. But can they find the cure and return to their village in time to save it?


Take the adventure and find out!


This 28-page module by Martin Buinicki features custom 0-level character sheets, fantastic art by Lance Hodge, Jarek Madyda, il Corvo, and Matt Morrow, and a stunning layout by Thad Donovan.



The Bane of the Ancients

1st Edition, limited availability, printed module.

The Pink Slips of Doom


Plus $3 Shipping & Handling

Set of Four Pads.

Each pad contains 25 custom 3”x 4” sticky-note “Termination” pink slips! Let your PCs know exactly why they’ve been let go…from the mortal plane! Was it Decapitation? Disembowelment? Dismemberment? Were they Unwise? Unlucky? Circle all that apply! Or fill in the blank!


That’s right—now you can terminate PCs in corporate style!

Sold as a set of 4 pads.

Domestic shipping only in USA via this website. International customers, please contact for shipping options and pricing.

Domestic shipping only in USA via this website. International customers, please contact for shipping options and pricing.

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