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The Bane of the Ancients ALL-STAFF MEMO: Biohazard Containment Protocols; Or, the "Zombie-Horde"

Good morning, team!

No cause for alarm, but the folks in the lab downstairs have asked us to make sure everyone is familiarized with current BCPs (Biohazard Containment Protocols). In the unlikely event of an emergency, BCPs go into effect automatically, so it is important you know what to do in the almost surely hypothetical event we initiate BCPs. A safe team member is a happy team member!

On a related note, please remember that due to the nature of our work, all office plants must be cleared by your supervisor before they are placed in your workspace. No one is pointing fingers (Rhonda), but it has come to our attention that someone has a fondness for unauthorized succulents and air plants. Remember, plants aren’t just our passion, they’re our product!

Have a great day! (And really, review the BCPs, just in case.)

So about that zombie-like horde…

HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS? We’re now four days into our campaign for The Bane of the Ancients, our all new Mutant Crawl Classics-Compatible 0- or 1st-level adventure module! There’s a healthy dose of office-place humor, that’s only part of the story.

This module is also heavily inspired by zombie horror. In this adventure, players not only race to find a cure, but they also to have a chance to trace the “zombie” outbreak to its source, to walk through the origin scene thousands of years after the fact and piece together what happened. So along with the humor, there is also a mystery, and clues to a centuries-old catastrophe.

All of this, the humor and the horror, has been waiting quietly in an Ancient temple for thousands of years, waiting for someone to uncover them...and perhaps unleash a terrible plague upon the land.

Please support The Bane of the Ancients and spread the word!


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