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It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint...

We have thirteen days left of our second Kickstarter, a crowdfunding effort for our new module, The Exodus of Wolfbane. We’ve entered the middle phase; the adrenaline rush of the beginning is behind us, and there are still miles to go.

But that’s ok, because this a marathon, not a sprint.

The analogy is particularly fitting. When the project—or the race—starts, there’s a great burst of excitement. This was especially true with this module, because we had a community of previous backers to give us an extra boost right from the beginning. As I wrote before, it’s awesome to see old friends return. Even though our goal was higher—this is a more complex project—we met it in almost the same amount of time.

We raced away from the starting line!

Then come the middle miles, that long stretch when you fall into a steady pace. These are the days of the campaign when the flow of new backers slows down, and when you start getting emails from marketing companies promising you that they can boost your project. (And who knew there was a whole business along those lines?) Still, the cheers from the sidelines—or the encouragement of the backers, the “likes” on your updates—keep you moving forward.

And that’s where we are now. It’s been a great campaign so far, and we are continuing to fine-tune the module, polish the art, and make plans.

And if you’ve never run a Kickstarter before, do you know what else we do during these middle days?

We watch the “Project Followers” number. These are the people who click the “Remind Me” button when they see a project that interests them, but don’t want to commit quite yet. I’ve certainly done it myself. These followers have chosen to get an email when the project reaches the final 48 hours. This number continues growing throughout the campaign, and those last two days bring another burst of backers and the return of that opening excitement, just like the growing crowd of spectators near the end of the marathon provides a second wind that helps you sprint across the finish line.

So, we still have a long way to go, but our spirits are high, our backers are awesome, and the module keeps getting better and better. Thanks for reading and keeping pace with us!

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