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Finishing One Leg of the Journey

Earlier this week, Andrea shipped the final reward for our latest Kickstarter, The Exodus of Wolfbane. Even though this was our second campaign, it still represents a real milestone for Gaming Honors. The first time around was all about proving we could publish our own module. There was so much to learn, about everything from ISBNs to shipping, that it was difficult to devote too much energy to what came next.

But this project challenged us to build on what we learned. That meant trying new things, like including new stretch goals, working with artists from around the world, and building and sustaining the wonderful community that formed during our first campaign. Thanks to the hard work of everyone on our team, and the unfailing support of our backers, I’m happy to say that I think we pulled it off. (We are so grateful to everyone for their kind words about the Exodus. After countless hours of writing, rewriting, play testing, and packaging, they mean more than you know.) Getting the chance to deliver the module directly to the Goodman Games booth at Gen Con this past weekend was an amazing way to cap this leg of our journey.

So now we are looking ahead and considering what adventures the future holds. We have three different projects in various stages of development, and each represents new opportunities to learn more and continue to build on the foundation that our wonderful backers and supporters have helped us to create.

In short, this is an incredible, exciting time for Gaming Honors. I hope you’ll all stay tuned and see what comes next!

Lance and Martin at the Goodman Games Booth at Gen Con 2019

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