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Choosing Your Own Adventure

When we finished our Kickstarter for The Peasants’ Fell Bargain, I wrote the following:

"While our Kickstarter campaign began only 30 days ago, the story of this module truly began decades earlier, when the Gaming Honors creative team, hunkered in basements from Colorado to Indiana, became enamored with stories of heroes and monsters, and with the magic we could create with just a pencil, some paper, and a strange set of dice."

Original adventure circa 1983--ninjas and UFOs!

As our latest campaign rounds the bend to head into the homestretch, I’ve been thinking about why we chose to take this journey in the first place. I can’t speak for the rest of the team, but I know that when I reached—well, let’s just say, “a certain age”—I became fascinated with the idea of making something. I’ve always been a writer—my day-job demands it—but this was something else.

An intimation of mortality? I can’t deny it…that kid in the basement is further and further in the rearview mirror, after all.

So what to do? First, I finally finished my first novel manuscript (a whole ‘nother, and ongoing, story). Around the same time, I became fascinated with Kickstarter; not just with backing cool projects, but with the daring inherent in launching even the smallest campaign. It’s easy to spend years typing into a computer or daydreaming; I know, because I’ve built enough castles in the air to populate a Martin novel—and I don’t mean mine!

But to try to bring one of those castles down to earth? That requires making a choice, and taking a risk. It’s noteasy to put your idea into the world and say to people, “Do you believe in this? Are you willing to help make this vision a reality?”

Back when I was drawing dungeons on graph paper and filling notebooks with stories, I didn’t really understand that creating something new takes friends and allies, people willing to work alongside you as you bring your vision, and theirs, to life. Gaming Honors exists today because four of us chose to try something new, and a group of generous backers looked it over and said, “We’re intrigued. We’re excited. Let’s make this happen.”

So here we are, eight days away from closing out our second Kickstarter campaign. It won’t be the end of the journey, of course: the road ahead is filled with surveys, print proofs, packing parties, and trips to the post office…and even more projects on the horizon!

But it makes all the difference to know we’re sharing the adventure with others. And if you’ve backed our projects, or even if you’ve taken the time to read this, it means you’re on the journey with us.

So let’s go see what’s over the next hill. What do you say?


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