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All or Nothing

"All or Nothing."

Look on any Kickstarter project, and you will find these words, underlined, just beneath the buttons for backing or saving the project. The very next sentence notes that a project is only funded if it reaches its goal. Clearly this is a message for backers: no project moves forward unless it raises the minimum amount its creators believe is necessary.


But as we near the end of our second Kickstarter, I’m struck by what these words mean for the creators, as well. Of course, as harsh as it sounds, the countless hours of planning, writing, and designing a project amount to nothing if you can’t find a community who believes in it and is willing to invest in its success.

That’s the risk.

But "all or nothing" also describes the experience of running a Kickstarter. I backed many projects, but until Gaming Honors launched our first module, I had no idea how much work went on behind the scenes: there are updates to write, questions and comments to answer, and all while watching nervously as the number of backers rises (and sometimes falls!). At the same time, the project itself is still moving forward: proofreading, editing, finalizing the art, and waiting to see just how many copies will be ordered and what it’s all going to cost.

I can’t imagine many Kickstarters succeed if their creators simply launch the project and wait to see what happens 30 days later.

It’s all or nothing. You believe in your project or you don’t. If you do, you spend 30 days working hard and checking in constantly to keep things on track, and you hope you find people willing to work alongside you and cheer you on, and yes, make a financial pledge to make it happen.

Gaming Honors believes in our project, and we’ve been giving it our all. And we’ve found a great community to help us cross the finish line.

44 hours to go.

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