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We’ve all been there: you’re playing an RPG at a convention, or your home table, and you're in the middle of a battle. You've just taken a critical hit! 


How do you let your party know you're in serious trouble without just saying, “I'm down to my last two hit points!” 

How do you let them know without saying a word? It's a battle, right?! They ought to see that gaping wound!




We created Hero Pins™, the world’s first collectible health indicator pin, to stop metagaming so you can Stay in Your Game! 


With Hero Pins™, you can look across the table and SEE how seriously wounded your comrades are. Stop talking about hit points or percentages! Simply pin your hero to your shirt or hat, and turn the top face clockwise to reveal four stages of health.


When your PC gets injured, everyone can see how bad it is—whether you’re using miniatures or theatre of the mind.


All you have to do is look at each other!

How it works

“I'm healthy!”


“I'm a little hurt!”


“It's looking bad!”


“Oh no, too late!”


The Design: Function Meets Form

For Hero Pins™ to work, we knew they had to be clearly visible from across the table, so we included a brightly color-coded wheel to show your health.


But that’s not all.

To eliminate confusion, our patent-pending design features a two-piece sculpted spinning 3D cast pin so that only your current status will show.

And we added an hourglass image with onehalf cut away so that as the hourglass turns, you can see your “time” on this plane running out!


Finally, the Hero and the inverted figure of Death rotate with the spinner, so you can always see who has the upper-hand in the grim dance of mortality.

Our pins feature small magnets cast directly into the pins so that you can feel them “click” into place without looking away from the action!  You can even operate the pin with one hand while you erase hit points with the other. 


It doesn’t feel great to see those hit points drop, but it feels strangely satisfying when those magnets click together!


The Art: Collectible Quality

Final pin design may vary from drawing.

You’re a serious gamer, so you honor your game. If you're going to wear a health indicator pin, it has to look amazing. We want to produce works of art that you are going to love showing off.


That’s why we reached out to leading artists, to legends, and to rising stars, asking them to create original art for these pins. 

And with your help, we can work with even more great artists and offer even more great designs—with more genres, more classes…the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination!


We’re starting with the amazing Ron Spencer, whose work for the card game MTG is routinely counted among the best of the best. Each pin design is unique, with a different “spin” on the Grim Reaper set against heroes of different classes.


Each pin also features a reproduction of Ron’s initials that he incorporated into his design—because these aren’t just generic images; they are original works of art. 

MATTHEW RYAN Cleric_Monk and Reaper Pin

We spoke with several manufacturers as we prepared this project, and we are proud to be working with a company with decades of experience producing highly collectible pins for leading lights in the entertainment and gaming industries. We've been blown away by the quality of pins they produce for magic kingdoms and far-away galaxies, and we think you will be, too!

Medieval style Cleric by historical artist Matthew Ryan.

Final pin design may vary from drawing.


Science fiction style Engineer by RPG artist Jeff Dee.

Final pin design may vary from drawing.

Cthulhu style Entertainer by artist Matt Morrow.

Final pin design may vary from drawing.

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